40% of overweight/obese have functional impairment

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New study in the September issue of Obesity shows relationship of obesity with functional disability. Heo and colleagues examined the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey for the relationship of obesity, functional impairment and the influence of comorbidities. 40% of overweight or obese respondents had a functional impairment. 62.8% of respondents were overweight or obese and  25.6% had functional impairment. They found functional impairments increase with increased obesity and that this relationship is mostly mediated by the presence of medical comorbid conditions, which also increase with higher levels of body weight. See, Heo, M, et al, Obesity and Functional Impairment: Influence of Comorbidity, Joint Pain, and Mental Health,  Obesity, 2010, 18, 2030-2038.

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