Obesity’s Toll on Women’s Health

January 12th, 2011 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

The impact of obesity on women’s health is the topic of a new review article. The authors found being overweight as well as obese increases the relative risk of diabetes and coronary artery disease in women. Women who are obese have a higher risk of low back pain and knee osteoarthritis. Obesity has a negative impact on both contraception and fertility. Maternal obesity is linked to higher rates of cesarean section, diabetes and hypertension. Neonatal mortality and malformations are also linked. Breastfeeding is also negatively impacted. Higher rates of endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer and perhaps ovarian cancer are also seen. Obesity and Women’s Health: An Evidence-Based Revi… [J Am Board Fam Med. 2011 Jan-Feb] – PubMed result

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