From Weight of the Nation Conference: Obesity Prevalence to Soar

May 7th, 2012 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

Dr. Cynthia Ogden, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told the packed room at the Weight of the Nation Conference that, while obesity increased dramatically in the 1980s and 1990s, overall rates have remained fairly stable for the past eight years. Not all groups saw such stability however. Rates increased for African-American and lower-income boys and upper income men. So the audience was not very prepared when RTI researcher Justin Trogdon followed with his research on projections for obesity rates out to 2030. He found, just on a linear basis, that the prevalence rate for obesity would increase by 33% from 36 % to 42 %  and the prevalence rate for severe obesity would increase by 130% from 6% currently to over 11 % in 2030. The paper will be published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

Given that the population is increasing, the higher prevalence rates represent a double whammy.


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