NPR picks up Employer Mandates Issues

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NPR’s Morning Edition had two segments on employer wellness programs on February 20, 2013. The first featured Cornell economist John Cawley, whose research on the military and mothers working outside the home have been featured before.

I was on the second segment discussing the Affordable Care Act’s penalty provisions.



  1. Does anyone know of any political action already underway that I may join to stop obamacare from excluding obesity as a pre-existing condition and therefore discriminating against those of us who, as the commentor says above already know we are fat and are doing what we can do about it. This only further stigmatizes us and depresses us which is only WORSE for our health!

  2. Mary Hetherington says:

    I heard the NPR interview yesterday morning. Very interesting. Why is weight always the marker? Could other health behaviors or health outcomes or a combination be the ‘be all’ for determining a ‘punishment’, if there is going to be one? If an employee attended the gym and actually did a work out at their appropriate level for an appropriate time (I know, sounds complicated but cholesterol, BP, BMI, paper surveys – all kinds of assessments are done in Wellness Programs – determine what’s appropriate heart rate, for example…) AND their blood pressure went down – they get the ‘carrot’ even if their weight did not. Pair a ‘desireable’ lifestyle behavior change with any positive health outcome and VOILA!… you have a person that is becoming healthier and probably more productive and less expensive health insurance-wise.

  3. sarah allison says:

    Thank you for discussing this topic on NPR morning addition. I am obese and I am part of a employer wellness program where, last year the wellness program had a “wellness day” at my work each worker at the wellness day took my blood pressure, blood sugar, measured my waist for my bmi checked my cholestoral and weighed me. Each one of the workers told me I was fat and in danger of having health risks. Yes I know I am fat, I want to say after that experience that I am also thinking law suit for discrimination I do a good job where I am and after being told that I might have to pay more for my health care I keep returning to the thought the obama care did not intend to discriminate against obese people. I think it is very difficult to loose weight I have waged a weight loss war on my self for 43 years ever since I was ten. At 53 I want to be active enjoy life and do my job not worry about how I am going to pass my “wellness health screening fair”. Thanks Sarah

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