Safeway: Going for 0 and 2?

June 4th, 2013 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

The Administration’s employer wellness regulations were a big loss to the Safeway company and its former chairman, Steve Burd who retired recently. As a matter of common knowledge, the amendments in the Affordable Care Act expanding the size of the reward/penalty available to employers was known as the Safeway Amendment. The ‘success’ of the Safeway experience with incentives was never verified. Nevertheless, Senate Republicans adopted his idea during the debate on health care reform and the Obama Administration embraced it as a sign of bipartisanship.  (I had a brief comment on Steve Burd’s legacy in the San Jose Mercury News.)

Now, it seems, according to, that Safeway Inc. is one of the grocery chains pushing back on another provision of the Affordable Care Act, that would require display of the calorie content of the foods they sell. The FDA is still trying to get out a final rule this year, according to Bloomberg. Evidently, Safeway’s desire for healthier employees does not extend to customers.