Only 25% of US Youth Meet Physical Activity Targets

January 14th, 2014 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

The National Center on Health Statistics has issued a report on physical activity in US youth aged 12-15 in 2012. They found (based on self-reports) that one-quarter of US youth engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity every day (excluding gym classes). 7.6% engaged in no physical activity on any day of the week. Slightly more boys engaged in daily physical activity than girls. 18% of boys with obese engaged in daily physical activity compared to 29.5% of normal-weight and 29.5% of overweight boys. Among girls, there was a similar pattern although the differences were not significant.

The report notes that the relationship between obesity and physical activity is not clear cut. While it is widely assumed that low physical activity precedes obesity, there is evidence that it is high body weight which precedes low physical activity.

The results somewhat track a recent study of leisure-time physical activity in adults which found that only 25% engaged in leisure time physical activity, although the trend was showing a decline in no leisure time physical activity.


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