What Leveling Off? Part 2

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The Healthy People project is a massive undertaking conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services every ten years. An interim report card, published in JAMA,  focuses on selected “Leading Health Indicators”. Twenty-six out of the thousands of goals in Health People are selected as Leading Health Indicators. 14 of the 26 have documented improvement. 4 have met or exceed the goal. The report found that 3 of the 26 showed a worsening situation. Adult obesity has increased from 33.9% in 2005-2008 to 35.3% in 2009-2012. The goal was a reduction to 30.5%. Obesity among adolescents and children (2 to 19 years of age) as increased from 16.1% in 2005-2008 to 16.9% in 2009-2012. The goal was a reduction to 14.5%. The third negative indicator was daily intake of vegetables. This has remained stable at 0.8% in both timeframes. The goal was an increase to 1.1 vegetable servings.


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