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What is it with physicians and obese people?

May 1st, 2012

The British newspaper, The Guardian, has reported that a majority of physicians in the National Health Service (NHS) (54%) believe persons with obesity and smokers should not be treated except in emergency situations. This would include in-vitro fertilization and liver transplants. Already, in some parts of England, smokers and patients with obesity are being denied breast reconstructions and knee and hip replacements. A spokesman for the National Obesity Forum said doctors who support such “lifestyle rationing” are “totally out of order.” The Royal College of Physicians, the British Medical Association and the Department of Health expressed opposition to such bans. Guardian: Brit MDs approve denying treatment to obese

Nevertheless, we will probably hear more of this type of thing. Already we see Toby Cosgrove M.D, head of the Cleveland Clinic, wish he could refuse to hire obese workers, the American Medical Association support denying disability payments to persons with obesity and Dr. David Ludwig support taking obese children away from their parents. A hospital in Texas recently tried to ban hiring employees with obesity. victoria-hospital-wont-hire-very-obese-workers

Under pressure from the Obesity Action Coalition, they backed off. Texas Medical Center Backs Off