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Chris Christie and Fat-Bashing

September 29th, 2011

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s flirting with the Republican Presidential nomination is producing more fat jokes …mainly from liberals who no doubt would be deeply offended if one of their own were attacked based on their body size. Nevertheless, television comedians such as David Letterman find Chrisie’s weight a helpful piñata, saying that under a Christie Presidency there would be a state of “Fatassachusetts.”  Late Night: David Letterman really enjoys Chris Christie fat jokes – He is not the first, remember Bill Maher.

 The issue is not just one for jokes. Mediaite reported Bill Press commenting that Christie shouldn’t run because “he is too fat.” Another reporter said it was an issue of physical fitness, as was John McCain’s age. Mediaite » Bill Press On Why Gov. Chris Christie Shouldn’t Run For President: ‘He’s Too Fat!’ Comments Feed  Forbes has piled on with a ‘history’ of fat Presidents. A History of Fat Presidents – Forbes.

 The unasked question is this : Is Christie’s weight affecting his decision to run for President? The issue was raised by his opponent for governor, John Corzine, who lost. But is Christie ready for a national or international debate over his weight, such as this one from the View?  The View  This brought Michael Moore out to say that Americans might support Christie because he looks like most of us. Michael Moore: America would welcome a fat president such as Chris Christie – On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

 Would we see an obese Republican conservative run against a lean Democratic liberal?  Class warfare or crass fat-bashing? Would liberal Democrats lead the way in fat-bashing? Would the nation split on healthy v. overweight lines? Would you want your weight to be a global topic of discussion?


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