States and Localities

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Institute of Medicine guide to localities IOM Releases Action Steps for Local Governments to Prevent Childhood Obesity – RWJF

Gallup map of state obesity, diabetes rankings. Obesity and Diabetes: Across States, a Clear Relationship

Map of state’s health America’s Health Rankings 2008 – Nation at a Glance

State Policies and Prevalence: F as in Fat 2009 – Trust for America’s Health

How States can use evaluation


What Counties Can Do: NACo | Childhood Obesity Crisis: What Can Counties Do?


Mayors’ Guide to Combating Obesity:


CDC community guides The Community Guide – Obesity Prevention

How Neighborhoods Affect Obesity. RAND | Research Briefs | How Neighborhoods Can Reduce the Risk of Obesity

CDC Community Physical Activity The Community Guide – Promoting Physical Activity

The National Library of Medicine’s Medline Plus can help you find local community resources at MedlinePlus Go Local Index