New Surveys Show mixed results

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A CBS New Poll conducted December 17-22, 2009 shows 98% of women and 91% of men consider obesity as a ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ serious public health problem. But majorities of both men and women give the country a grade of “D” of “F” on making efforts to combat it. 89% believe obesity is something people can control but 60% do not favor a tax on junk food. 55% of Americans say they would like to lose weight, 40% would like to stay at their current weight and only 5% want to gain weight .  (In 1951, 17% wanted to gain weight.) Poll: Most Oppose Tax on Junk Food – Political Hotsheet – CBS News  Another survey has found that the number of people trying to lose weight has jumped from 54% in 1985 to 61% in 2009. The number of Americans who find overweight people less attractive has declined over 20 years from 55% to 24% but whether this is political correctness or a real change in attitude remains disputed. See, Survey: It’s OK To Be Overweight – CBS News . In a third survey, 79% of Americans say they are satisfied with their personal eating habits but 73% say most Americans have an unhealthy relationship with food. BioPortfolio News: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare – Eight in 10 Americans Say They're…

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