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In the obesity business, you can get into some weird stuff. For example, when I am out in social occasions and people ask me what I do I say ‘health care consulting’ or something bland like that. If they press, I’ll fess up to working in obesity. Then, they get all confessional. “Oh, I’m only having the cheesecake now because I didn’t have any breakfast and I know you should have breakfast but I was late for work  etc, etc…”Ok, spare me. I really don’t care.

But today I went on Amazon to order two books. One was the Dukan Diet and the other Fat Stigma. You know how Amazon works. It brings up a list of other books based on these and earlier selections you might be interested in. So the predictable selections  on dieting and obesity came up. Plus this one: “Water for Elephants.” Water for Elephants?? Well I read this book when I was laid up after hip surgery. I loved the book. Does it have anything to do with dieting? No Obesity ? No. Advice to Amazon: Check your algorithm.