Will China Tip the Global Obesity Scales?

June 20th, 2011 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

Global rates of obesity have been growing, particularly in urban areas undergoing a transition to a Western lifestyle. Now research is coming out of a less industrialized area of China indicating high rates of overweight and obesity among school children. Among 2,000 primary and secondary students in Macao, 18% of boys and 20% of girls were overweight or obese with a significant proportion having cardiometabolic risk factors. Global epidemics of childhood obesity is hitting a… [Int J Pediatr Obes. 2011] – PubMed result  Predictably, another study found higher obesity was associated with increases in blood pressure in Chinese children and adolescents. Increase in Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference a… [J Int Med Res. 2011] – PubMed result