Are Persons with Obesity Different?

September 27th, 2011 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

Are persons with obesity different? The question is fraught with implications. Much of obesity policy is premised on the assumption that persons with obesity are just like normal weight persons but with less self-control. The assumption is that education and awareness will overcome their lack of awareness and result in more self-control, just like normal weight persons. Of course, a genetic basis for obesity is counter to this assumption. How does this genetic pre-disposition express itself? Two recent studies may provide insights. In one, overweight persons show a higher capacity for storing fats but a lower capacity for ridding themselves of them, using the radioactive isotope carbon-14. Cell dysfunction linked to obesity and metabolic disorders |

 In another study, the brains of persons with obesity were found to create a greater desire for high-calorie foods than normal-weight subjects which would explain why people who become overweight tend to remain overweight. Study: Obese people’s brains may crave high-calorie foods –