Obese Boy Returned to Family

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The case of the 8 year-old boy from Cleveland who social workers took from his family because he was obese appears to have been resolved…for the moment. After an editorial by Harvard’s Dr. David Ludwig and lawyer Lindsey Murtagh which recommended state intervention in families with obese children (so that they could avoid having to have bariatric surgery as adults), state social workers took the boy away from his mother. A judge had sent him to a member of the family. He had weighed 200 pounds and evidently lost 50. He was returned to his family in March and supervision of the family has been lifted. The family’s lawyer noted that the boy was never in danger, the parents were never accused of neglect, there was no concern for the boy’s emotional stability.

I strongly disagreed with Ludwig’s arguments in an earlier post and see no reason to change. Stepping on the scale can be traumatic in the best of times but to think that this boy will watch to see whether the scale will tell him he will lose his family, again, is, totally unjustified. Think there could be weight regain, behavioral disorders and disordered eating behavior ahead? See the article. Chicago Tribune: N.Ohio boy


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