The Obesity Paradox

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The Obesity Paradox refers to the phenomenon that obesity appears to be protective after an initial heart attack. (Some researchers believe that the inaccuracies in the BMI are responsible for the perceived differences PubMed: Body Composition and survival in stable coronary heart disease.)  Now comes a study from W. Doehner and colleagues at the Center for Stroke Research in Berlin, Germany. They found that the risk of mortality from a stroke or TIA was lower in overweight patients and lowest in obese patients compared to patients with a normal BMI. Obese patients had a lower risk of death or institutional care, death or high dependency, and death or recurrent stroke. Underweight patients had consistently the highest risks for all endpoints. PubMed: Overweight and obesity are associated with improved survival

The study from Germany did not evaluate consumption of dark chocolate. An UK study found consuming 20 grams of dark chocolate a day decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure. PubMed: Differential effect of polyphenol-rick dark chocolate on biomarkers (Editor’s note: We need more studies like this!)


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