Patterns of Weight Loss in Look AHEAD

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While the Look AHEAD trial has been suspended,  it much information to yet give up.  In a paper in Obesity, the Look AHEAD Research Group reports that 2 components of the Look AHEAD program accounted for about 95% of the total variability in weight loss patterns. They looked at two patterns of weight loss. The first is a relative large, early weight loss, followed by long period of maintenance. The second pattern is a more gradual, slower weight loss over a longer period of time.  They found that participants with greater month-to-month weight losses during year 1 had significantly better levels of HbAc and HDL-cholesterol at year 4, even after controlling for medications. Gradual weight loss produced better weight loss maintenance but no additional benefits. The paper did not link weight loss with specific strategies used in the interventions in Look AHEAD nor did it look at the genetic factors.    PubMed: Patterns of Weight Change in Look AHEAD Study


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