Christie’s Surgery Covered by Insurance

May 7th, 2013 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

Governor Christie’s surgery was covered by state insurance, kind of. Here is what he said at a press conference this afternoon:

Question: [inaudible]

Governor Christie: My insurance. Yeah. The insurance that I pay for, yeah.

Question: [inaudible follow-up]

Governor Christie: No, I’m not going to price it out for you. No. No. No. Anymore than you have any right to know what Sheila pays for when she goes to the doctor, what Armando pays for when he goes to the doctor or anybody else. No, you don’t have a right to know that, that’s my personal business. That’s called HIPAA. That’s a federal statute. Familiarize yourself with it.

Question: [inaudible follow-up]

Governor Christie: Yeah. It is a procedure that is covered when you go through the steps that you need to go through by the State Health Insurance Plan that myself and my family are covered by. Yes.