Predictors of Weight Loss Success after Surgery Identified

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Researchers at the Geisinger Obesity Research Institute have explored the reasons for the wide variation in weight loss outcomes following gastric bypass surgery. So they prospectively recruited 2,365 patients who underwent the surgery and stratified weight loss into three phases: early (0-6 months), nadir, and long term (over 36 months). They found that the pre-operative values associated with poorer weight at loss at the nadir and long term included higher baseline BMI, higher pre-operative weight loss, iron deficiency, use of any diabetes medication, non-use of bupropion, no history of smoking, being over 50 years old and the presence of fibrosis on the liver. See Still CS, Wood GC, Chu X, et al, Clinical Factors associated with weight loss outcomes after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. Obesity 2013, June 26 (epub ahead of print)


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