Adverse Events in Physical Activity

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Few studies and even fewer public health advisories address the adverse effects of physical activity on some people. In this video, Claude Bouchard addresses the adverse effects of exercise and future of personalized exercise regimes. Dr. Bouchard references one of his earlier papers reported here last year showing a nearly 10% rate of adverse metabolic events in physical activity. (Thanks to Obesity and Energetics for bringing the video to our attention.)

See: Bouchard C, Blair SN, Church TS, et al, Adverse Metabolic Response to Regular Exercise: Is it a Rare or Common Occurrence?  PLoS ONE 7(5): e37887. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0037887.

Zaidi A, Sharma S, Exercise and heart disease: from athletes and arrhythmias to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and congenital heart disease Future Cardiol 2013 Jan;9(1):119-36.

O’Keefe JH, Patil HR, Lavie CJ, Potential Adverse Cardiovascular Effects from Excessive Endurance Exercise Mayo Clin Proc 87(6):587-595.


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