Will the 2016 election be a referendum on obesity?

November 8th, 2013 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

Within hours of winning re-election as Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, recent recipient of bariatric surgery, was under snide, sophomoric attack for his weight. Leading the way was Michael  Duffy, Time Magazine Executive Editor which ran the above picture on its cover. Duffy created a juvenile ‘wink-wink’ explanation, calling Governor Chrisite “big” in the Republican Party who did a “huge” thing this week. Hey, clever! This is not a first for Time. In 2011, it published a blog calling for abusing persons with obesity. Really.

This is nothing more than the bullying which LGBT people get, but without any sympathy from the rest of society. A lot of people may not like Christie’s policies, many will not like his personality. But using his weight like this only stigmatizes every overweight child, man and woman in the country. It creates an “Open Season” on persons with obesity. Time and Michael Duffy should be ashamed of themselves.


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