Dr. Oz’s Expertise on Weight Loss Scams

June 14th, 2014 by MorganDowney Leave a reply »

Ted Kyle’s blog has an excellent piece on the promotion of phony obesity treatments by Dr. Oz who is testify next week in the US Senate on the subject. Hey, why not ask an expert? Oz has promoted over a dozen.

Michael Specter did an excellent piece on the harm Dr. Oz is doing in an article in The New Yorker last year. Dr. Oz’s phony approach to obesity included extensive coverage of “The Dukan Diet” book by French doctor Pierre Dukan. Oz provided extensive coverage of the controversial book as well as taking the opportunity to promote his own.  I debunked Dukan diet here in 2011. (Really, it wasn’t hard.) Dukan was censured by the French medical board and ‘voluntarily’ took himself off the physician registry.

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