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DNC Resolution on Dotty

September 16th, 2014

After my last post about Dotty, I received this resolution of the Democratic National Committee and a lovely note from its Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

A most fitting tribute.



A Tribute to My Wife, Dotty

September 2nd, 2014

Faithful readers may observe a certain lack of activity for the last couple of months. I have an excuse. My wife, Dotty, had a major engagement with a very aggressive melanoma, starting at the end of May and ending with her death on August 10th. While this is a very private matter, I wanted to share with my readers how important Dotty was to Downey Obesity Report. She provided constant and major support for this endeavor, spotted good stories and edited many pieces to their betterment.  She understood completely what I wanted to do with this site and was a source of many imaginative ways to addresses various stories.

Even more, while I ran the American Obesity Association and, later, The Obesity Society, she used her extensive political and journalistic contacts to make our first forays into conferences on obesity and public policy the successes they were. She constantly worked the phones (of Blackberry, in her case) to get the representatives of presidential campaigns to participate in our conferences. We collaborated thoroughly on the program to get the platforms of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to recognize obesity for the first time.

She was a true partner in creating and sustaining our efforts to have policy makers take obesity seriously as a matter of public policy. She also tempered my reaction to various news items, calming me down, making me explain my objections, being more temperate and a better observer of our current dilemma.

Any ‘success’ of the Downey Obesity Report is due to her wise and loving guidance.

She always was a teacher, bringing along interns at CBS News or students at American University. She loved politicians and journalists, but could discriminate the authentic from the phony. She always sought to promote and encourage her students and friends.

She received many wonderful tributes including Scott Pelley of the CBS Evening News and from Bob Scheiffer of Face the Nation. Here are links to obituaries in the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, and Real Clear Politics. Here are some of my favorite pics.