Welcome to the Downey Obesity Report || Morgan Downey Bio

Obesity is the most prevalent, fatal, recurring chronic disease of our lifetime. It is increasing at alarming rates not only in the United States but worldwide. Yet, there are profound gaps between what the public believes, what research and clinicians observe and what policy-makers decide. This website is an effort to bridge the gap among the public, parents, policy-makers, the media, researchers and the health care community. The site is not intended for any one group but to give everyone exposure to what is happening in obesity. This site is for the dieter and the researcher, the student and the Member of Congress. It is intended as a portal to the many issues involved in obesity. We are all affected by obesity either personally or professionally or both. And we all need to learn more about it
This site is also not a mechanical search engine pulling everything off the Internet and throwing it on the wall. The topics are mine and I have opinions. For the most part, I want to present the underlying documents, including research studies, for you to explore. I don’t give out recipes. I don’t have quick-all-natural-sure-fire-if-I-can-do-it-so-can-you-ways to lose weight. I do believe if we do not understand obesity better than we do no we will not control it.