Welcome to the Downey Obesity Report. This site was designed to help those interested in the complex issue of obesity. It has been my privilege to see the researchers, policy-makers, students and dieters grapple with this disease. This site is intended for all to see what is happening – in the labs, in the physicians’ offices and in Congress.

The first thing to know is that I am not a physician, dietician, nutritionist, any kind of health care provider nor a scientist nor a researcher. I am a lawyer by training, and has been active in health care advocacy in Washington DC for over 30 years. I spent the past decade focusing on the science, politics and policy of obesity.

This information on this site does not constitute medical advice or recommendations. Extensive references, often to the original source, have been provided so that all readers may look up the evidence for themselves. If you are concerned about your weight and its effects on your health and well-being, see your doctor. If you are undertaking or planning to undertake a weight loss program, see your doctor.